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Release Notes for LOU18

Release Date: September 2, 2020

Please give this release a standing ovation…

New Features
  • Introducing the QBO Integration: We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with QuickBooks to bring you a quick, easy integration for QBO and LOU! Now you can export your LOU GL journal entries directly into QuickBooks Online with one click! Check out How to Use the QBO Integration and Best Practices for the QBO Integration  for more information. (It’s ok. You can jump up and cheer! We did!)
  • Orders – Quantity on Hand Check: We’ve added a button to the SKU box of a document (Estimates, Sales Orders, and Work Orders) that allows you to quickly check what the QOH is for a particular SKU.
  • Schedule – Personnel Overbook: We have created a feature that will provide real time feedback when creating a task to warn you that the personnel you selected is overbooked. This allows you to select another technician or accept the overbook before the task is saved.
  • POS Management – POS Transactions to Server: We’ve created a new way (behind the scenes) for LOU Retail POS transactions to move to LOU Web from your PAX machine. This method will increase speed and reliability in moving your pending transactions when syncing between LOU Retail POS and LOU Web. (This feature is behind the scenes and there’s no new procedure for you to follow at this time.)

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Document – Invoice All: We have added a confirmation message when you Invoice All. Now you will be asked to confirm that you want to invoice the complete order.
  • Inventory Search – Default Vendor: In Inventory Search, you will now see a D for Default at the end of the row corresponding to the Default Vendor for that SKU.
  • Work Orders Request Box: We made some improvements to the layout of the Request box in Update Work Order.
  • Release Management Colors: After this release, when you view Release Notes in Product Communication, you will be able to quickly spot the different types of release information.
    • Bug Fixes are Yellow
    • Enhancements to Existing Features are Blue
    • New Features are Green
  • Spreadsheet Imports: We have made a small improvement to the destination of the Spreadsheet Updates page. Previously, you would go to Operations / Import Data / and choose Inventory, Vendors, or Customers. Now, you will go to Operations / Import Data. No need to select an additional tile as all imports are controlled from a central Spreadsheet Update page. 
You will see these changes beginning with LOU19!

Bug Fixes
  • Estimate Document Status on Lost or Expired: We corrected an issue that caused an incorrect Estimate Status to appear when the Estimate had an Outcome of Lost or Expired. The only valid statuses are Pending, Complete, and Void. When an Estimate is Lost or Expired, the status should be Complete.
  • Overbook Logic Does Not Check Personnel Override Hours: We corrected an issue where the override hours for personnel logic was not being correctly applied. The overbooking alert will no longer prevent you from booking personnel with an override in place for hours outside their department’s operating hours.
  • Personnel Activity History – My History: We corrected an issue for users belonging to multiple companies. My History incorrectly displayed the customers for every company to which you belong instead of only showing the company you’re currently logged into.
  • Sales Document Printing: We corrected an issue where the printed Sales Order did not have Company Name on it when a First and Last Name were not present.
  • Estimate Doc Type Carried Over When Promoted: We corrected an issue that prevented the Estimate Document Type from carrying over to an Order when the Estimate was promoted.