Release Notes for LOU17 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: August 18, 2020

Is it hot in here? Who turned up the sun?

New Features

No new features in this release because we’re hard at work on some real game-changers! Stay tuned!

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Schedule Create: We have changed the way the Create Schedule Page works. We’ve created more user-friendly windows to allow you to create the schedule without losing where you are in your Order.
  • Schedule Create – Personnel Quick Search: We have updated the Create Schedule process to provide real time data on the status of selected Personnel, giving you a quick view of how busy or available they are.
  • Performance Improvements – Spreadsheet Imports: In our ongoing efforts to increase performance throughout LOU we have updated the way we handle Spreadsheet Imports. Large spreadsheets with records greater than 5000 records will not upload during peak business hours PST). Instead, these large imports will be queued to upload during off-peak house, 4PM – 3AM PST. Spreadsheets 5000 records and under will process immediately. *REMEMBER! Files processing immediately can take several minutes to upload during peak hours.
  • Feedback Widget: We have turned off a non-functioning feedback widget which caused confusion. You can direct feedback and questions to

Bug Fixes
  • Contact Email on Printed Statements: We corrected an issue with the Contact Info template on the bottom of printed Customer Statements. It was crowding email address and Contact label.
  • Pool360 SKU Price Update: We corrected an issue where you were being taken to the Dashboard when accepting prices through the Pool360 SKU Update page. You will now remain on the page to accept additional updates.
  • Customer Profile Picture Uploads: We corrected an issue that prevented you from seeing an uploaded picture on the Customer Profile in its original size and resolution.
  • Address on Customer Statements: We corrected an issue that caused the Service Address to appear on the Customer Statements instead of the Bill To Address.
  • On Order Counts: We corrected an issue that prevented On Order counts to update correctly when receiving Inventory from a PO.
  • Tax Nexus SKU Types: We corrected an issue that caused taxes to be calculated on SKU Types listed as Do Not Tax in the Tax Nexus setups.
  • Performance Issues in Payment Tile: We corrected an issue that caused slow load times on the Payment tile both when accessing the tile and when selecting a Date Range. We limited the number of days of Payments which initially load.
  • Cannot Search Vendor SKU Code: We corrected an issue which prevented SKUs entered through SKU Imports from being searchable by the Vendor SKU Code.
  • Inventory Stock Transfer: We corrected an issue that prevented Stock Transfers with a sell UOM of Each from converting correctly.
  • Serial Number Out of Stock Search: We corrected an issue with the Out of Stock Serialized SKU Search. If you entered a value to search on the In Stock page and then click Out of Stock, the value correctly carries over. If you cleared the field and did another action, the field would repopulate with the same value cleared. This will no longer occur.