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Release Notes for LOU14

Release Date: June 30, 2020


LOU14 is declaring its independence just before the holiday weekend!



New Features


LOU Support – Invite Support User: This feature works with the Support Access feature, allowing you to invite an Evosus Support person to your company for a limited amount of time, with NO license billing. This allows Evosus to troubleshoot issues on your database without tying up one of your existing user licenses.


Feature Changes and Enhancements


Verbiage Consistency: We have removed references to “Delivery Method” in favor of consistently using “Distribution Methods” throughout the application.

SKU Vendor Tiles: We have hidden SKU Vendor tiles in Inventory Search and SKU Profile from all non-admin LOU users.

Schedule Update – Text Wrap: We have eliminated the horizontal scroll bar in the Notes and Details fields, as well as the Request memo field of Schedule Update. The text now wraps to the next line for improved readability.

Orders – Add Invoice Info Tile: Pending, Completed, and Voided Orders (both Sales and Work) now have a tile that shows the Invoices created from the Order organized oldest to newest.

Document Update – Schedule Tile: The Work Order Outcome link has been removed from Work Orders in Void status.

Password Security Enforcement: LOU passwords require 8 or more characters. They must have at least 1 uppercase letter, at least 1 lowercase letter, and at least 1 number. Additionally, the password may not include a user’s first or last name or a set of commonly used words.


Bug Fixes


No Cost in GL on Negative Stock Adjustment and Post is Reversed: We corrected how the GL was handling negative stock adjustments when the post is reversed. It will now correctly adjust quantities and cost.

Stock Adjustment Records for Negative Adjustment: Negative stock adjustments now result in the correct posting to GL and FIFO.

SKU Quantity Values with decimals: We corrected an issue where SKU quantities were being rounded to a whole number on printed documents. SKU quantities will reflect true values without being rounded.

Autofill SKU Sell Price: We corrected an issue where the Sell Price on a SKU was having decimal places automatically added before the user was finished typing.

Message Preference Dropdown: We removed “Message Preference” as an option in the Message Preference dropdown in the Customer Message screen.

SKU Quantities on POs: We corrected an issue where you were unable to increase SKU quantities on a PO when the UOM was other than Each.