Release Notes for LOU13 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus


Release Date: June 23, 2020


Theaters are still closed, so while we impatiently wait for those summer blockbusters to return, we can bring you MORE LOU!



New Features


  • Recurring Orders: The Recurring Orders Update page has a billing history box which shows stats about the REO and links to its associated invoices, orders, and schedule.
  • LOU Maintenance Windows: We have implemented a Maintenance Window feature that allows our Product Team to perform important maintenance and updates to LOU without interruption. During these Maintenance Windows, you will be prevented from logging into LOU or working within LOU. During this time, no processes within LOU can be run. Maintenance Windows most frequently occur outside business hours, during the evening/late night, when the fewest clients are impacted. We will use Product Communication tools to notify you in advance. Here's what the announcement might look like:


Feature Changes and Enhancements


  • Time Zones and Geocoding: We have linked your company address to the correct time zone and geocode for more accurate scheduling and other location/time-based activities.
  • Integration Imports: For SKU imports through the Pool360 or UAG integrations, we’ve changed the time it takes to process these imports from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. This helps with continued performance improvements in LOU.
  • Pending Work Order Search: There is a button for Review and Invoice on the Pending Work Order screen.
  • Universal Messaging: We have removed a Chat bubble from the right side of LOU in preparation for a new messaging feature. More details coming soon!
  • REO Activate Button: When you click Activate on a Recurring Order, you will now receive the following confirmation message: “Are you sure you want to activate this Recurring Order and get this customer on the schedule?”
  • Customer Profile – Phone: In the Customer Profile, the field previously labeled as “Text” for Phone Number has been relabeled as the more accurate “Mobile”.
  • Beginning Balances (GoLive): For companies in Onboarding, we’ve added a way for them to remove Beginning Balances en masse prior to doing an Import Rollback.
  • Performance Initiative: We have improved load times and performance on the Document Profile page.
  • Schedule – Calendar View: There is now a Details button on the Calendar hover-over view that opens to show more information about the chosen task. Details provided include: Division, Customer, Task Type, Ship To Address, Route, Request, Personnel, Assets, and Vehicles.
  • Schedule – Calendar View: The Calendar will now provide a message about the number of pending Tasks for the Division that are not assigned to Personnel.


Bug Fixes


  • REOs and Imported SKUs: We fixed an issue where imported SKUs were not being listed under the SKU Search when attempting to add SKUs to an REO.
  • AR Beginning Balance Orders and Invoices: We fixed an issue where the Distribution Method wasn’t being defined on Orders and Invoices created for AR Beginning Balances.
  • Import Rollbacks: We created a safety enhancement to prevent data loss during a Rollback. If a Customer, SKU, or Vendor has already been on a transaction, it cannot be rolled back. Transactions include:
    •  Customers – they have any Documents, Invoices, or Payments. If there are any Beginning Balances tied to the Customer.
    • Vendors – If any SKU relationships exists or if any POs have been created.
    • SKUs – If any FIFO logs exist, if the SKU appears on any Documents, and if there are any Beginning Balances tied to this SKU.
  • Preferred Vehicle: We fixed an issue where a Personnel’s preferred vehicle was not being populated after the Personnel was assigned.