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Release Notes for LOU11


Release Date: May 20, 2020


What day is it? Do we have days anymore? I don’t know. One thing I DO know is we’ve got another amazing release for you!



New Features


  • POS Over/Under Alerts: You can configure your POS Stations to email you an alert if the station is closed over or under a specific amount. (Both your PAX and Back Office POS Stations can send these alerts)
  • Customer Profile: When you update contact information in the Customer Profile, you will have the option to “push” those changes to current Pending documentation. (This will not push changes to Completed documents)
  • Release Notes Search: You can search across releases based on software category.



Feature Changes and Enhancements


  • Customer Search: We’ve added speed and functionality to Customer Search. We’ve also added shortcut searches and additional visible Customer data on search.
  • Schedule Task: The Scheduled Task Update page has multiple new tiles available on a single screen. The tiles are Request, Interviews, Destination, Order Profile, Work Order Outcomes, SKUs, Equipment, Notes & Details.
  • Quick SKUs: We’ve revamped Quick SKUs! Instead of a tab on the right side of the browser window, you can find a button in the SKU box on your Documents.



Bug Fixes


  • PAX Discounts: We corrected an issue where adding Discounts through PAX caused an error.
  • Schedule Dashboard: We corrected an issue preventing you from creating a Task with the Customer selected via the Create a Task button in the Schedule Dashboard.
  • Schedule Tasks: We corrected an issue preventing you from creating a multi-day task on an Order.
  • Quick SKU: We corrected an issue where a SKU ID did not correctly update in Quick SKUs when edited.
  • POS Station: We corrected an issue where the same user could open a POS Station twice, creating a duplicate opening. This caused conflict with the closing procedures and has been corrected.
  • Routes: We corrected an issue that caused a Route to revert back to an old configuration after editing. This fix allows you to completely redraw a Route when you want to change it, rather than only using the drag tool.
  • Expired Documents: We corrected an issue where Documents with an Expired Status were not showing up in Document Search.