How to Create Effort Tracking Types - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Marketing Efforts are the different things you do to attract customers to your business. Efforts may include radio and TV ads, attending trade shows, having a booth at community event, print ads, banners, billboards, etc.

You can organize these Marketing Efforts with Effort Tracking Types.


Go to Product Setup / Marketing / Effort Tracking Types


We’ve taken care of creating several common Effort Tracking Types for you. You can create additional Effort Tracking Types or update existing Types.

Create a New Effort Tracking Type
  1. Click 
  2. Fill in Name and Description. The Description can be simple like our defaults or more detailed. 
  3. If this Tracking Type will be your default, you can toggle the Default button on.
  4. Click 

Update Existing Effort Tracking Types
You can update existing Effort Tracking Types by clicking the Actions link on the line item and selecting Update.



Make the changes you wish to make and click  .

Delete Effort Tracking Types
You cannot delete Effort Tracking Types, but you can deactivate them by clicking the Actions link, selecting Update, and then toggling the Active button off.


Click   to save the change and the type will disappear from the main Effort Tracking Types page. You can see deactivated Effort Tracking Types by changing the Active dropdown to All.