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Contacting Support: Help Us Help You - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

We’re here to help you and your business succeed. If you’re reading this, you have already accessed our Knowledge Base. This is where you can find help and how-to articles designed to guide you through LOU. You’re a self-starter who values self-sufficiency and we hope this Knowledge Base helps, but sometimes you need to speak to a human being and work through something together. That’s where our Support Team comes in!


Evosus has an all-star Support Team. We hope everything runs so smoothly, you never need our help, but we’re always happy to help when you do! Don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team rockstars whenever you have a question or concern. We’ll work together to get you off and running with LOU as quickly as possible. 




There are some things you can do to ensure you get the most out of our Support Team. Providing us with some key pieces of information when you first reach out will go a long way towards resolving your issue quickly!


When you are getting ready to call or email Support, you can help us by providing the following information:

  1. This is important: We know you’ll be tempted to correct data, but please make sure you do not make any changes to the data before requesting support. We need to be able to see the problem/issue as it exists so we can properly troubleshoot and find you a resolution.
    • This is especially imperative when the issue might be a problem with the software.
    • In many cases, this means leaving the issue in its “broken” or incorrect state for a few hours while we investigate. We promise we’ll help you get the errors corrected as quickly as we’re able.
  2. Summarize the issue for us. Give a brief explanation of what you were doing and what seems to be the issue. Include questions you have around the issue.
    • We uploaded a new spreadsheet of SKUs. It looks like the price didn’t come over correctly. We have to upload another set of SKUs and we’re concerned that this issue will occur again. Are we doing something wrong in our Template?
  3. Provide the full steps to reproduce the issue. Be thorough.
    • Step 1: Create your Import Template
    • Step 2: Go to Import Data and upload the Template
    • Step 3: After upload completes, go to Inventory and review the uploaded SKUs
    • Step 4: Check the price information to see if it uploaded correctly
  4. Include relevant documents.
    • In our example, we’re performing an import. If we were contacting support, we should include the import spreadsheet.
  5. Include screenshots! Show us full-screen screenshots of where you are in the system and what part of the page is part of the issue.
  6. Summarize for us what you would like to see as a resolution.
    • I would like to know if we’re doing something wrong when we create the spreadsheet for upload and I would like to know how to correct the data uploaded.

We may end up needing to get clarification on some things in order to resolve your issue but providing this information to us in your initial email, or during your initial call, will help us help you quickly and effectively.

If you've already submitted a ticket and Support has asked for permission to access your database, you can 
Grant Access

Support Email: support@evosus.com

Submit a case: support.evosus.com

Give us a call: 360-735-9510