Release Notes for LOU9 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus


Release Date: May 4, 2020


The Force is strong with LOU! We’re releasing more amazing features and enhancements.



New Features

  •  Messaging: We’ve added the ability to Email and/or Text Estimates, Invoices, Payments, Sales, and Work Orders to customers!
  • UAG Integration: We have partnered with UAG to integrate UAG Inventory Management into LOU!
  • LOU Announcements: Important product announcements and alerts can be pushed to LOU by Evosus for our LOU Customers to stay informed about important information and alerts.
  • Release Notes: A Release Notes feature is now in LOU’s Product Communication Tile! Starting with LOU10, you will be able to access important Release information in right from LOU! (NOTE! You will still be able to find Release Notes right here, in the LOU Support Center as well!)


Feature Changes and Enhancements

  • SKU Description: The SKU Description field in SKU Profiles now allows for 256 characters.


Bug Fixes

  • Tasks: We corrected an issue where Tasks were not able to be added to a Document.
  •  AR Statements: We corrected an issue where the Actions menu was empty after a Customer is assigned as a Parent Customer.
  • Interviews: We corrected an issue where starting an Interview on a Work Order resulted in an error.
  • Pool360: We corrected an error where the Retail Margin Percentage wasn’t rounding.
  • Inventory Search: We have hidden the Pool360 Catalog button for those LOU Customers who do not have the Pool360 Integration.
  • SKU Update: We corrected an issue where a voided PO was treated as a Pending transaction on the SKU. This was preventing SKUs with no transactions on them from being updated.
  • Pool360 Integration: We corrected an issue that prevented the Badge from correctly displaying on the Pool360 Price Update tile when there are existing SKUs with Price Updates.
  • Pool360 Integration: We corrected an issue where SKUs from PoolCorp POs could not be received into inventory.