Release Notes for LOU7 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: March 31, 2020

Quarantine, Schmaurantine! Let’s keep moving!

New Features
  • LOU Support: Evosus Support now has a way to log into your LOU company as one of your admin users! When you have a support case that requires Evosus to look at your data and settings, you can go to the new LOU Support tile in Operations and temporarily grant access to Evosus Support to log in as you!

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Schedule By Route: When Scheduling by Route, you will now only see Routes for that Division.
  • Stock Site Selection Matrix: This tile has been removed from the Sales menu.
  • Payment Actions in Invoices: When viewing an Invoice, there is now an Actions link on each Payment line item in the Payments box. 

Bug Fixes
  • Beginning Balance Import: The Beginning Balances Import tool will now recognize Valuations of 0
  • Card on File: Non-Admin users can now add cards on file for payments through LOU Web.
  • Scheduled Tasks: Tasks will become unassigned when the user attached is deactivated. Inactive Users will no longer appear on the Schedule, associated with these tasks.
  • PO Updates: The receiving Stock Site will now show as the updated Stock Site when updated in a PO.
  • Long SKU Descriptions: Long SKU descriptions will not cause screen readjustments. They will truncate to fit the screen.
  • Kit SKUs: When creating/updating a Kit SKU, it will default to a quantity 1 instead of the last quantity set.
  • Admin Permissions: When granting or denying Admin permissions to a user, the new permissions will apply only to the company in which the changes are being made.
  • Stock Adjustment: When creating a Stock Adjustment that uses a different UOM than the default Purchase UOM, the cost will be correctly calculated.
  • Discounts: Discount Dates are now set correctly. Discounts and Payments will use the correct Payment Terms.