Release Notes for LOU6 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: March 25, 2020

This release packs a punch! Check out the new features, feature enhancements, and bug fixes below. Have any questions? Reach out to

New Features

  • NOTES: You are now able to enter notes on SKUs, Vendors, and Customer Profiles! See Create Inventory SKUs, Create Vendors , and Create and Manage Customers for details.
  • Payment Profile: The Payment Profile Page will display a captured Signature, if present.
  • Pending Invoices: There is a new Tile available to Admins through Operations / Accounting / Pending Invoices
  • Unapplied Payments : There is a new Tile available to Admins through Operations / Accounting / Unapplied Payment
  • Deposit Total: Orders on which a Deposit has been made will now display the new order total and deposit paid.
  • TSYS Certification: LOU is certified to process payments when the card is not present.


Feature Changes and Enhancements

  • POS Station Messaging: While posting a payment in LOU Web, if you choose a POS Station that is not associated with a Merchant Account, you will see a message letting you know. Merchant Accounts are required to process card payments and move funds to your account.
  • Duplicate Checks on SKU Beginning Balances: When creating Beginning Balances for SKUs manually, LOU will prevent you from creating duplicate entries.
  • SKU Import Batch Processing: We improved SKU Imports performance to allow for faster imports.
  • SKU Vendor Codes: Vendor SKU now appears on the SKU Profile Vendor Tile.
  • Invoice Documents: There is now a confirmation message in place to prevent accidentally Invoicing a document. When you click the Invoice All or Partial Invoice buttons, you will receive a confirmation message asking you if you’re sure you want Invoice.


Bug Fixes

  • Special Characters in Text Messaging: Standard special characters such as parentheses, ampersands, dollar signs, and percentage signs will no longer prevent text messages from going through to your customers in their entirety.
  • Sales Tax: Sales Tax no longer applies to non-taxable SKUs in a Kit. LOU can correctly apply Sales Tax to the Kit SKU while excluding the amount for the non-taxable items included in the Kit.
  • Inactive Vendors: Inactive Vendors will no longer appear in the dropdown on SKU Create.
  • Selected Routes: When a Route has been selected in the task and that task is updated, the Route will not be cleared.
  • Stock Transfers in Eaches: Stock Transfers using the UOM Each will no longer cause FIFO Log issues.
  • Exceptions in a Spreadsheet Import: There was an issue preventing corrected exceptions from importing. That has been resolved.
  • Serial Number SKUs on Return: When a Serialized SKU is returned to a different stock site, it will display correctly.
  • Force Password Reset and Forgot Password: Links were not working for some people. This has been corrected.
  • Promoting Estimates: Promoting Estimates now correctly maintain quantities.
  • Create Work Order: Corrected issue that prevented Foundation users from creating Work Orders.
  • Subtotal on Sales Order: Corrected issue where the subtotal wouldn’t display on a Sales Order created by going to the SKU first.
  • FIFO Log: Corrected issue where Cost was incorrect with PO Receipt when using a secondary Vendor and UOM greater than Each.
  • Deactivated Users: When you deactivate a user, it is now correctly deactivated and removed from Personnel.
  • Zero Balance Invoice: When an Order is invoiced for $0 (ie: Warranties), the Invoice will correctly change to Complete status and be removed from the Pending Invoices list.
  • Default Bins: Default Bin set for Primary Stock Site is now correctly recognized on the SKU when added to a Document.
  • Complex Sales Order: Corrected issue where complex Sales Orders promoted from Estimates were unable to be Invoiced.
  • Spreadsheet Imports: Spreadsheet Imports now correctly recognize blank/null value.