Release Notes for LOU4 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus


Release Date: January 30, 2020


This is the last release prior to clients going live.



New Features


·         Deposits: When a deposit has been made on an order, that amount will correctly reflect on the printed version of the document.

·         PoolCorp Integration: Batch processing for the SKU mass imports. To maintain performance, LOU will manage SKU mass imports in batches. For additional information, see Understanding Batch Processing.



Feature Changes and Enhancements


·         Performance: Reduced the data in temporary holding table for POS transactions

·         Product Setup Tool (PST): For clients in Onboarding, a task to help match SKU Categories to Financials (General Ledger) has been added.



Bug Fixes


·         LOU Billing: Corrected issue where LOU was invoicing and sending receipts to account owners daily.

·         Merchant Accounts: Enabled testing of Live merchant accounts

·         Double Invoicing: Corrected the duplicated data in LOU resulting from an issue where some clients were inadvertently invoiced twice upon sign up. When a client purchases LOU and the invoice processes, certain data points are created within LOU such as Document Prefixes and Chart of Account Defaults . The double invoicing caused LOU to create these data points twice in the client’s database. This has been corrected.

·         SKU Categories: SKU Categories created through an Inventory Import were not appearing when mapping SKU Categories to Financials. This has been corrected.

·         PoolCorp SKU Import Wizard: Fixed image in UI

·         Chart of Accounts: Corrected Sales Tax Expense account labeling from liability to expense specifically for Sales Tax Due, not Sales Tax Collectable.

·         Add a SKU: Fixed issue with nonresponsive Cancel button.

·         Add a SKU: SKUs now correctly allow the creation of negative Cost and Sell pricing.

·         FIFO/GL: Corrected post on FIFO and GL if a stock adjustment is backfilled from a negative.

·         Purchase Receipt: Corrected issue preventing voids using a greater UOM than Each.