Release Notes for LOU32 - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: September 29, 2021

Now introducing Pumpkin Spice LOU! Wait. What?

New Features
  • Recurring Orders (REOs) : We’ve added a few features to REOs!
    • You can now choose and update the REO Start Date during Activation and prior to batch processing.
    • You can now Process REOs immediately instead of waiting until the 20th of the month.
    • You can now configure how many months ahead LOU will create Orders when processing REOs.
  • Kit Questions – Test Kit : When creating a Kit using Kit Questions, you can Test your Kit to see how the Questions and Answers flow before finishing creation!
  • Kit Questions – Question Workflow : When creating a Kit using Kit Questions, you can create a Questions Workflow that allows you to skip later questions in the Kit based on the answers of earlier Questions.
  • Group Security : Create Groups of non-admin users and allow or restrict a variety of features in LOU. Current available Categories include:
    • REOs
    • Inventory
    • Invoices
    • Payments
    • Orders & Estimates
  • SKU Vendor Mass Update Import : There’s a new Export/Import process to update existing SKU Vendor Information! This process works similarly to the SKU Mass Update.
  • Spreadsheet Imports – AR Beginning Balances: Now you can import those Accounts Receivable Beginning Balances!
  • Spreadsheet Imports – Customer Deposits: Now you can import those Customer Deposit Beginning Balances!
  • Spreadsheet Imports – Site Profiles: Now you can import your Customer’s Site Profiles!

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Support Access – Onboarding Status: For Clients in Onboarding Only. We have added a new time frame to the Support Access Tool which allows you to grant Evosus access to your DB “Until Go Live”. Once you go live, Support Access will expire and Evosus will have to ask permission to access your DB as per usual.
  • SKU Vendor Update – Pending PO: We updated the rules around changing the SKU Vendor when there is a pending PO for that SKU and Vendor. You can still add a new Vendor/SKU relationship through SKU Profile, but you cannot edit the existing one. When there is an Active PO, the Vendor field will be grayed out and cannot be updated in the following areas:
    • SKU Profile / Update SKU Vendor
    • Receive Inventory Search Page / Update SKU Vendor
  • Kits – Confirm Selections: We updated the Kit Confirmation screen to allow the Questions and Answers to be visible.
  • Purchase History: We redesigned the Customer’s Purchase History to increase performance and searchability in line with many other pages throughout LOU.
  • My Day – Optimize Routes: We fixed an issue that caused Route Optimization to crash with Timeframes. When you optimize your route, Timeframes and Tasks will update in line with the Optimized Routes.
  • Equipment – Install Date: We updated Equipment tracking to auto-set the install date with the Invoice Date.

Bug Fixes
  • Image Uploads: We corrected an issue that prevented uploaded videos from being viewable.
  • Customer Profile – Parent Company Name: We corrected an issue that caused the Parent Customer not to display on the Child Customer Profiles.
  • Schedule Search – Personnel Display: We corrected an issue that caused the Primary Personnel not to display properly on the Search Schedule view.
  • SKU Sell Price: We corrected a rounding issue for Profit Margin on SKUs.
  • Invoice Payment Box: We corrected an issue on Invoices that caused the Payments box to display the Invoice Amount rather than the total of all payments received on the Invoice.
  • Inventory Kits – Make a Copy: We corrected an issue with Kits that caused Make a Copy not to copy the Questions and Answers correctly.
  • Spreadsheet Imports – SKU Imports: We corrected an issue that prevented the SKUs from importing correctly.
  • Payment/Invoice Void: We corrected an issue that caused Accounting Periods to appear closed when they are open, preventing a Void of a Payment or Invoice.
  • Accounting GL Postings: We corrected an issue that caused Returns to record inaccurately on the GL due to the UOM.
  • Spreadsheet Import – SKU Categories: We corrected an issue that caused existing SKU Categories case to change to all lowercase upon an import of additional SKU Categories.
  • Vendor Deactivation: We corrected an issue that allowed Vendors with a Pending PO or On Order PO to be marked as Inactive.
  • SKU Margin Retail Price: We corrected an issue that caused SKU Retail Margin Prices not to update when the SKU is included in a Kit.
  • SKU Profile Navigation: We corrected an issue that affected SKU Profile navigation when making changes and then using the back arrow.
  • Spreadsheet Imports – SKU Import: We corrected an issue that allowed SKUs with Beginning Balances to be rolled back, leaving empty Beginning Balances behind. SKUs with Beginning Balances cannot be rolled back.
  • Spreadsheet Imports – SKU Import: We corrected an issue where the number of Exceptions didn’t match the number displayed on the Spreadsheet Uploads line item.
  • Spreadsheet Imports – SKU Import Validation: We corrected an issue where the duplicates validation failed, allowing duplicates to be created in error.
  • Estimate Promotion Validation: We corrected an issue with Document Types when promoting an Estimate. A message will now indicate that the Document Type is missing when attempting to promote an Estimate to an Order.
  • REO Profile: We corrected an issue where the Personnel were not listed in the dropdown until you initiated a search.
  • Unassigned Task: We corrected an issue where Tasks were incorrectly showing as Unassigned when the user who created the Task is also the assigned Personnel.
  • SKU Description: We corrected an issue that allowed a SKU’s Name and Description to be deleted when a SKU is placed on Order. SKUs should never save with a blank Name or Description. This will now correctly display an error.
  • Payments Report: We corrected an issue that caused a single Payment to appear on the Payments Report twice.
  • Total Tax: We corrected an issue where the Tax Field was hidden when no tax was charged on an Invoice. The Total Tax should display even if the total is $0.