Release Notes for LOU25 - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: March 10, 2021

LOU is here live! LOU isn’t a cat!

New Features
  • Onboarding Go Live Tile: We created a new set of reports to allow onboarding users to validate their data prior to going live. The new Review button will take the user to a set of onboarding reports that will provide a quick review of data to ensure any errors or bad data are caught and corrected before going live.
  • Checklists – Customer Profile Search: We’ve added a tile to the Customer Profile page allowing you to access Checklists associated with the Customer.
  • Recurring Orders Mass Payment: We created a new Mass Pay feature for Recurring Orders. In addition to the Mass Invoice feature previously released, Mass Pay allows you to collect Payment on REO Invoices so long as the Customer has a Card on File.
  • Order Discounts: This Discount feature allows you create a discount on a full Order document rather than per SKU. Discounts can be a flat amount or a percentage off the Total.
  • Terms & Conditions : We have created new features for Terms & Conditions.
    • Payment Terms: Payment Terms can have their own Terms & Conditions.
    • SKU Profile: Each SKU can have its own set of Terms & Conditions.
    • Printed Documents: Printed Documents and Customer-facing links will display the Terms & Conditions.
  • Personnel Tasks: We added a feature that will remove tasks with a date older than 18 months.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Documents – SKUs: We have changed the way the various action buttons are displayed in the SKU Box on Documents. Instead of the individual buttons crowding the box, we have added an Actions link with all the buttons within, creating a cleaner and easier to navigate experience.
  • LOUs Reports Search: We added a Search bar to the LOUs Reports Category page to allow you to quickly navigate to the Categories and Templates for which you are looking!  

Bug Fixes
  • Tasks – Personnel Dropdown: We corrected an issue that caused the Personnel dropdowns to display out of alphabetical order.
  • Onboarding – Beginning Balances: We made a couple important corrections to Beginning Balances.
    • Search: We corrected an issue that prevented the Customer AR Balance or Deposits Search not to function.
    • Beginning Balance Imports Data Entry: We corrected an issue that caused an error when attempting to import non-numeric values in numeric fields. LOU will catch this as an exception, indicating the error.
  • Spreadsheet Imports: We made several corrections to the Spreadsheet Imports process.
    • Templates: We corrected an issue that allowed users to import a spreadsheet template that does not match the type of import, causing errors during validation.
    • Exceptions Lists: We corrected an issue that caused batches not to recalculate after an exceptions list was made, resulting in batches that were doubled in size.
    • Exceptions Error: We corrected an issue that caused exceptions to drop their flag after another exception was edited.