Release Notes for LOU16 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus


Release Date: August 4, 2020


The features we have in store for you are LOUdicrous!


New Features


  • NEW Integration – Carecraft!: LOU now integrates with Carecraft to efficiently and easily manage your Carecraft Inventory. Here’s what’s included in this release:
    • SKU Import Batch: This process allows LOU to pull in SKUs you’ve requested through the SKU Import Wizard without making you wait. Like the Pool360 and UAG import processes, this allows you to continue working in LOU while LOU pulls the new SKUs into your database.
    • Purchase Orders: When you create a PO in LOU using the Carecraft Vendor, LOU will offer you the option to send the PO electronically straight to Carecraft. You don’t have to create another PO outside of LOU or print or forward anything!
    • Price Updates: This feature allows you to see if Carecraft has updated pricing on any of the Carecraft SKUs in your Inventory. If a price update is available, you’ll be able to accept or reject the pricing. LOU and Carecraft communicate behind the scenes every 21 days to ensure you have accurate pricing information available.
  • Recurring Orders Status Updates: Now, when all the tasks in an REO are completed, the REO Order status will automatically updated as complete. This is based on the total number of occurrences or by the end of the date on the Schedule.



Feature Changes and Enhancements


No Feature Changes or Enhancements this time!


Bug Fixes


  • Company Creation Error: We corrected an issue where an error message was received while creating a new LOU company through My Account. At the end of the signup process, when asked to create a password, users were receiving an error that prevented them from continuing.
  • Payment Comment Field: We corrected a character limitation in the Payment Comments field. You will not receive an error when creating a Payment comment greater than 130 characters.
  • CRITICAL – Schedule Divisions Hours of Operation: We corrected an issue where LOU was not recognizing Daylight Savings Time on Hours of Operations for Schedule Divisions.
  • REO Batch Processing – Overbooked Logic: We corrected an issue where REO processing didn’t correctly account for Daylight Savings Time when making calculations for schedule recurrences. This is primarily a behind-the-scenes change that helps you correctly book REO tasks and personnel.
  • Customer and SKU Reports Date Range Picker: We corrected an issue where you were forced to choose a date range for the Customer and SKU reports which do not run based on date ranges.
  • Report Template Dropdown Shows on All Report Templates: We corrected an issue where the Report Template dropdown showed all the report templates rather than just those templates for the report category you chose.
  • Overbooking Personnel Popup: We corrected an issue that prevented the Overbooking warning popup from displaying when you booked Personnel past the operating hours of their Division.
  • Evosus Payments on Payments Tile: We corrected an issue where your payments to Evosus were displaying in the Payments Tile with your customers’ payments to you. The Payments Tile should only display Customer Payments. You can find a record of your payments to Evosus in LOU Account > Billing.
  • Email Format Customer Profile: We corrected an issue when manually creating a Customer or updating an existing current Customer. The email field now requires correct email formatting. Example: If you try to save data in the email field that isn’t formatted like an email address, LOU won’t allow you to save the data.