Release Notes for LOU15 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus


Release Date: July 22, 2020


This year is bananas! We’ve got more great LOU for you!



New Features


  • Personnel Navigation – Customer Profile: We’ve added a new Tile to the Customer Profile called “Recent Personnel Activity” which provides information on recent interactions between your users and the Customer’s information in LOU.
  • Personnel Navigation – Customer Search: There is a new link on the Customer Tile on the LOU Dashboard which will take you to your Customer History and show you the Customers you’ve recently accessed and what you did. This can allow you to quickly jump back into an activity or process you may not have finished.
  • Personnel Navigation – Customer Global Search: There’s a new tile in Operations called “Personnel Customer Activity” which allows you to quickly search recent Customers accessed by Personnel and see what activity has occurred.
  • SKU Mass Update Imports: There is a new Import available which allows you to create a spreadsheet to upload and mass update your existing SKUs. This Import can only update certain, key fields for SKUs.



Feature Changes and Enhancements


  • Performance Enhancement – SKU Serial Number Search: We made some important performance improvements around SKU Serial Number Search.
  • Documents – Notes: We have increased the space in which you are allowed to make notes in the Notes and Details boxes for both Customer and Internal Notes.


Bug Fixes


  • Electronic Customer Invoice: We corrected an issue where you no longer received the pop-up confirmation “Are you sure you want to message customer?” when sending Electronic Invoices.
  • Printed Documents – Parent/Child Bill To: We corrected an issue where the Child Account address was showing up in Bill To and Shipping even when the ‘Bill Parent Customer’ was set.
  • Inventory Import – Duplicate SKU Category: We corrected an issue which caused duplicated SKU Categories to be created if the Categories were included in an import and didn’t already exist in LOU.
  • Inactive User Cannot be Reactivated: We corrected an issue which prevented you from reactivated an Inactive User.
  • Payment Search Screen: We made three important fixes to the Payment Search Screen.
    • All Payments and Voided Payments now include Other Payment Types in the dropdown list of Types.
    • All Payments and Voided Payments now include Check Subcategories in the dropdown list of Types.
    • On all four search screens, the Method column now includes Other Payment Methods and Check Subcategories as well.
  • Company Owner: We corrected an issue that prevented the LOU Company Owner from switching ownership to another active LOU user.
  • POS Card Payment Details in LOU Web: We corrected an issue where some Credit Card transaction detail from LOU Retail POS transactions wasn’t getting into LOU Web. The transaction details should display just like a Credit Card Payment taken through LOU Web.
  • Integrations – TSYS: We corrected an issue where LOU Retail POS completed Credit Card transactions were not appearing under the Transaction Search within the TSYS Configuration Transaction Search screen.
  • LOU Retail POS – Customer List Updates: We corrected an issue where Customers added through LOU Web were not auto-populating in LOU Retail POS on the PAX machines upon login.
  • Tax Code Display in LOU Retail POS: We corrected an issue where LOU Retail POS wasn’t able to display more than 10 tax codes. We now show 12 and have a search allowing you to find tax codes not displayed.