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Release Date: June 9, 2020


Well, we finished Netflix. Time to release MORE great features in LOU.



New Features


  • Recurring Orders: We have added a Notes field to Recurring Orders. This field is a “whiteboard” that allows you to add notes to the REO.
  • Address Update on Documents: We have added a prompt that will allow you to apply an Address Update to the Customer Profile when updating from a Document. See documentation on Sales Orders, Work Orders, and Estimates for more information



Feature Changes and Enhancements


  • Recurring Orders: The Order Date has been changed to reflect the first task of the month instead of the date the REO was created.
  • Product Setup Tool: Added Manufacturers, Recurring Order Setup tasks, Statement Settings, and the Application for Merchant Account takes you to the correct location.
  • Release Notes and Product Communication: We have made some improvements to how Release Notes display (document names are now hyperlinked) and Product Announcements are now stored for 30 days before being deleted.
  • Product Configuration: The Product Configuration tile is now called LOU Account. Everything in the tile is the same. The name better reflects the function of the tile.
  • Integration Imports: You are no longer required to select two SKU categories when setting up SKU Imports for Pool360 and UAG. You are only required to select one SKU category.
  • Recurring Orders: REOs created during the Product Setup Mode cannot be activated until after go-live.
  • Performance: We have made improvements in performance around SKU Counts which will help you when looking up documents and information containing this SKU information.
  • Bundles: In Manage Users, we made the link for assigning users to bundles a button instead of a link to make it easier to find.



Bug Fixes


  • Imports: We corrected a bug which allowed you to roll back imports created during onboarding even when they contained a SKU, Vendor, or Customer that had been transacted. You can still roll back imports that were created during Product Setup. However, they will now correctly "skip" any SKUs, Vendors, or Customers that have been transacted. When you reupload something containing those items, they will correctly be marked as duplicates and prevented from uploading again.
  • Kit SKUs: We corrected an issue where SKUs copied from another Kit were missing their prices.
  • Printing Documents: We corrected an issue that prevented you from printing documents if you didn’t have a Company Logo present.
  • SKU Quantities: We corrected an issue where fractional SKU Quantities were rounded on printed invoices.
  • Beginning Balances: We corrected an issue where AR Beginning Balances in negative were displaying as 0.00.
  • PAX POS Stations: We corrected an issue where you were allowed to select a PAX POS Station to process a payment through LOU Web.
  • Customer Search: We corrected an issue where characters were being deleted as you typed in Customer Search and another around missing search parameters.
  • Sync POS to Web: We corrected an issue where LOU Retail POS had trouble syncing to LOU Web after a credit card transaction on the e700 PAX machine. We also increased the amount of time LOU Web searches for LOU Retail POS transactions from 1 minute to 10 minutes. This may create delays when looking for data in LOU Web (such as Orders you've converted). However, it does provide better performance and stability.
  • Vanity IDs: We corrected an issue where Customers created by using the Customer Add feature in the Super Menu were missing Vanity IDs which causes issues throughout LOU.
  • FIFO Log: We corrected an issue where the FIFO log output date was incorrect for POS Transactions.
  • Serialized SKUs: We corrected an issue where removing a SKU via Adjust Stock button did not appear to clear out the SKU.
  • Schedule Tasks: For Documents with multiple tasks, the most current scheduled task will appear as the Schedule Date in Document Search.