Release Notes for LOU10 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus


Release Date: May 13, 2020


What day is it? Will we ever get to leave our houses again? LOU is goin’ places! Check out the amazing new features!



New Features

  • Recurring Orders : Got Service Contracts? Recurring Orders is LOU’s answer!
  • Review and Invoice : This is a fast and easy way for the Back Office to expedite Invoicing and closing Work Orders.
  • Document Search: Estimates, Sales Orders, and Work Orders have more ways to filter and search!
  • LOU Announcements : LOU now has the ability to send you important announcements when you first log into your dashboard. If you forgot what the message said, you can see it from Product Communication / LOU Announcements.


Feature Changes and Enhancements

  • PERFORMANCE: Dropdowns for SKUs and Customers load faster
  • AR Statements: Customer and Company addresses better align with two-window envelopes.
  • Beginning Balance: Invoice Valuation Display has been increased to 50 lines.
  •  Payment Search: The Actions menu on a Payment now takes you to a Payment Profile instead of an Update page.

Bug Fixes

  •  Schedule Tasks: We corrected an issue where the Request field caused an error if it exceeded 600 characters.
  • Sales Documents: We corrected an issue where the Notes/Details section caused an error due to character length.
  • Incomplete Work Orders: We corrected an issue where the status “Taken Care of” didn’t properly update the Work Order.
  • Customer Statements: We corrected the length of the Payment Amount field to allow for higher amounts.
  • SKU Create: We corrected an issue where “No items found” was displaying on the SKU Create page unnecessarily.
  • Invoice: We corrected a display issue where the “Invoiced from DOCxxx” link was being hidden behind buttons on the Invoice when a Discount is applied.
  • SKU Sales Documents: We corrected an issue that prevented you from opening a Sales Order via SKU Profile.
  • Interviews: We corrected an issue where the Interview questions were being reordered instead of remaining in the order created.
  • Scheduled Tasks: We corrected an issue which prevented a Task from being created through the Schedule Dashboard when a Customer was selected.
  • Muti-Day Tasks: We corrected an issue which prevented you from creating a multi-day task from an Order.