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How to Clear Cache on PAX - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus



From time to time, you will need to clear the cache on your PAX machine. This process is important for the same reasons it’s important to Clear Your Cache and Cookies on a web browser.

WARNING! Do not attempt to clear the cache on your PAX machine if you have data to sync to LOU Web
. This may result in data loss. If you have data to sync and you're having trouble, contact Evosus Support before continuing.


Clearing cache on your PAX machine is the same process as clearing cache on Android devices.


1.    On the home screen, click the gear icon to open Settings. 

2.    In the Device box, select Apps.

3.    In Apps, locate LOU POS and click to open.

4.    In LOU POS App Info, click Storage.

5.    Click Clear Cache. IMPORTANT! Make sure you are selecting the Clear Cache button. You do not want to select Clear Data. 


You can close Settings and open LOU POS again.